Our Breads

460 Bread’s artisan loaves are baked to crusty perfection on the hearth of our French deck oven.  We hand build loaves the traditional way, using natural starters and fresh wholegrain flours that we mill from wheat grown on local farms.  Baked fresh every day, 460 Bread is ideal as an accompaniment for any meal, sliced for sandwiches, or toasted for breakfast the next morning.

Baguette: 460 Bread’s take on the French classic: delicate crispy crust, open crumb, and delicious nutty flavor.  Crafted with organic flour and two traditional preferments.

Ciabatta: This traditional Italian loaf features a tender, open interior surrounded by a crisp, floury crust.  Extra virgin olive oil adds richness and the porous texture is ideal for sopping up a tasty sauce.

Country Sourdough: A true sourdough bread featuring the buttery flavor of fresh-ground, organic Kamut.  One of our most versatile loaves, the Country Sourdough is equally at home in a sandwich or accompanying a hearty stew.

Multigrain: A hearty loaf chock full of seeds, the Multigrain features wholegrain flour we mill fresh from local wheat.  This fragrant bread makes great sandwiches and toasts exceptionally well.

Olive Thyme: Abundant Kalamata olives and fresh thyme enveloped in a golden, crispy crust make this loaf a savory treat.  Using 460 Bread’s wild-yeast starter, the Olive Thyme takes 25 hours to build and is well worth the wait!

Walnut Cranberry: Built with 460 Bread’s local wholegrain flour, the Walnut Cranberry loaf is packed with toasted walnuts and sweet cranberries.  Add pesto or a pat of butter and you’ve got a meal.

Wholesale: 460 Bread offers wholesale partners a complete line of hearth breads, deli loaves, pan breads, and rolls: fresh baked and delivered every day.  For more information call 208.354.0460 or email us at info@460bread.com